Introduction - Jyoti & Nashi THE KEY TO INDIA


An Italian man and a Swedish woman
from years sharing the life of the shepherds in Rajasthan

Jyoti and Nashi, collaborators and guests at the Bikaner Camel Festival - 2000  

"I was taken aback to find two people of obviously western origin, dressed as Rajasthani villagers, conversing in chaste Hindi with their host and with each other...
  I was happy to know of their love for my country and saddened to realize that they are a small link to a vanishing way of life."

(Jetwings Magazine)

Jyoti and Nashi at HOME...

They are looked upon with such amazement and admiration not only because they speak Hindi fluently and wear the local dress so naturally. But also because, unique in that, they share the reality with the villagers and are experiencing the Indian countryside life so totally so that they have become part of it.

They are at home not only with the shepherds Gurjar and Rabari/Raika but also with others, villagers and town dwellers alike in every part of the subcontinent. By seeing the Indian society from all different angles, they have acquired unique experience and knowledge. An inside which is difficult to grasp even by Indians themselves, who are often closed within their own restricted social communities.

Jyoti 2011


JYOTI (Enzo Di Martino) has been living in India since 1980, when he was 19 years old.
  After living close together with the village people of the far out countryside all these years, he can look back at a lifetime of following a passion; his own way of life.

Nashi 2007


NASHI (Elin Bolmgren) went to India in 1996 with a desire to experience the reality behind any myth.
   In Rajasthan she met Jyoti and together they went deeper into the relationship with the pastoral communities of the Gurjar and Raika/Rabari.

With the deep love for the shepherd culture, and the pain in seeing it disappear, Jyoti and Nashi founded ORGANIZATION MARUSTALI to document and grasp the knowledge of the ancient lifestyle, with special attention to the costume.

Organization Marustali  

Trough their own life experience of becoming shepherds of Rajasthan, Jyoti and Nashi could absorb a lot of particular and hidden knowledge. With the Project Marustali the effort and research deepend.

Documentation of traditional daily life  Interviews and research  Documentation/Collection of traditional costume  Documentation/Collection of traditional acessories  Documentation/Collection of traditional jewellery

The documentation is done through photography, video, interviews and audio recordings. Old costume, accessories, jewellery and items are collected.   

See: Project Marustali's documentation: >>>

Part of Project Marustali is spreading the gathered knowledge and experience of Jyoti and Nashi, as THE KEY TO INDIA, a doorway to rural Rajasthan's culture and life.

Prized by the governor of Rajasthan - Jan. 1998  

They are commissioned as special guides and requested for lectures and special collaborations.

They are recognized as ‘unique’ by Govt. of India Tourist Office and Dep. of Tourism, Art & Culture - Gov. of Rajasthan and have been honoured at various occasions as well as much appreciated by the media.

See: Reportage about Nashi in Rajasthan by channel TV4, Swedish Television - 2001  

Women Tour - Nov. 2003  

With the collaboration and sponsor of tour operator Gränslösa Resor – Sweden, Nashi arranges 'Women Tours' to Rajasthan and leads occasional workshops of Hindi course and traditional textile handicraft.

Gränslösa Resor
Official sponsor of Marustali

Nashi photographing  

For her engagement as appreciated link between women of west and east, and for her photographic work within Project Marustali, Nashi has been awarded a grant by the Swedish trust foundation ‘Iris.

See: Nashi awarded the IRIS grant  

Iris award ceremony
Ingrid Bolmgren, mother of Nashi and secretary in Org. Marustali, represented Nashi at the ceremony.

The 28 August 2008 in Gothenburg, south Sweden, the award ceremony was held for 22 women sharing the 1,5 million Swedish crowns which the Swedish trust foundation 'Iris' yearly grants "progressive" women in different fields.

A part of the motivation of the grant of 150.000 Swedish crowns to Nashi reads:

"An interesting and different project in a more and more conform world".

Marustali Centre - Pushkar  

With the desire to offer a better opportunity to visitors to Marustali, Jyoti and Nashi established a city base in the periphery of Pushkar, at the retreat Sukha's Place of their friend Sukhdev Larna.



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