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Official appreciation


  Acknowledged by the Gurjar and Raika/Rabari communities (Raj):
"They live with us and as we do"

  Shri Balakdasji Maharaj Gurjar, Head, Sawai Bhoj Temple - Pushkar
Shri Jagmal Raika, Chairman - Godwar

  Recommanded by Govt. of India Tourist Office (Delhi):
"A Unique couple, they truly are 'The Key to India'"
  India Tourist Office
  Shri U.D. Kamal, Director North

  Collaborating with Department of Tourism, Art & Culture –Rajasthan:
"We benefit from their knowledge about traditions and culture of Rajasthan"
  Deparment of Tourism, Art and Culture, Rajasthan
  Shri Rajender Singh Shekhawat, Asst. Director - Bikaner

  Promoted by the Embassy of India (Sweden):
"… an invaluable link …"
  Embassy of Italy - New Delhi
  Shri Raguhath Mishra, First Secretary

  Appreciated by the Embassy of Italy (Delhi):
"Their knowledge of situation and people is outstanding"
  Embassy of Italy (Delhi)
  Mr Fabrizio Nava, First Secretary

  Sponsored by the tour operator Gränslösa Resor:
"They offer a superb leadership on tours and they have been recognized as true cultural ambassador for India"
  Gränslösa Resor
  Mrs Lotta Borgiel, Director


Single travellers and small groups

Seven days with them and India was disclosed to us

Helen and Hanna-Maria on camel Even if I prepared myself through reading books ... it was difficult to imagine how it would be there. India is a completely different world, nothing is similar to the life in Sweden! Thanks to Elin-Nashi and Jyoti and their advises, my friend Hanna Maria and I could have an incomparable introduction and a proper start of our travelling in India, avoiding unnecessary mistakes and problems.
   The experience and knowledge acquired by this couple proved extraordinary and indeed unlimited! Elin-Nashi is a superb source of information, particularly about the female life, and Jyoti's erudition covers all aspects of religion, philosophy and ancient history, so that not any question is left without answer.
   ... when by camels we rode through the desert to a small village, it felt like I had travelled hundreds of years back in time. ... we slept in a spartan little house, we were in the middle of the desert under a sky full of stars, it felt unreal... I felt like I was dreaming. I will be forever thankful to Elin-Nashi and Jyoti, who made it possible to me to experience all this in the best of ways.

Helen Herrström [Sweden]   Jan 2000
(free translation)

Journey in Real India

Nashi and Christina in a village cloth shop I went to India with two big purposes. First, to experience the Real India, which to me means the life and the culture of the Indians themselves. Second, to be able to travel on my own around the country after my weeks with Nashi and Jyoti.
   I joined Nashi and Jyoti for three hectic weeks filled with tough hours-long bus journeys, temple- and city visiting, walks along the colourful and crowdy market streets, meetings with locals and camels at the camel fair in Pushkar, and much more.
   The most interesting and probably also the most difficult thing was to learn the Indian behaviour - how to eat, how to go to the toilet, how to sit and talk etc.
   The staying at the local families is the part I enjoyed most. To experience how people of different castes and who have different material standard prepare their food or act towards each other, and to meet the curious eyes of the children and their spontaneous questions.
   During these three weeks I was also taught how to exchange money, send letters, go by bus and find places to stay and eat, so when it was time for me to go on my own it was just to continue in the way I had learnt, without any bigger troubles.
   I had fulfilled my purposes.

Thank you for helping me do that,
for showing me a part of the world
and a way to explore the rest of it.

Christina Wickman [Sweden]   Nov 2000

Participating in their life

Nashi teaches Linn local embroidery ... I met them in Pushkar and I joined them in their roaming around the villages, participating in their life ... it is amazing how many people they know and how much the villagers appreciate them ...
   From Nashi I learned to stitch traditional clothes and to make accessories so that me too could dress in local attire ...

Linn Åkerblom [Sweden]   Feb 2001
(free translation)

It has been more than whatever I can say,
an experience that changes life

Sara on her journey into new experiences ... it was like a door opening, leading me to another kind of world, or rather, another dimension of the world. This dimension was mostly characterized by a kind of spirituality and peace and, as the biggest difference, a stillness of time ...
   A kind of stillness of time I had never experienced in the west, a feeling that one can be in stillness and therefore grow. ... Time was still, immovable, though everything else was moving very fast ... impressions and sensations! ... enormous chance for change and development.
   In the west instead, I have often experienced the exact opposite feeling, that the time is rushing away, you have never enough of time... while the world around us seems to be so inexplicably immovable, and yes, even stagnated and sterile. One goes on and on (or rather runs!) but never reaches anywhere anyway. ...

   I have no words to express how much I am grateful to have experienced all this ... hadn't I had Jyoti and Nashi to unveil India to me, I would still have gone around and around wondering what it was that was missing ...
   ... I thought it was difficult to understand the choice of life of Jyoti and Nashi, but now I can understand ... To me they appear as ... following the voice of their hearts, have piece by piece deconstructed in themselves the philosophy of western life, and during several years of hardship, built up a new way, more true. ...
   I have never heard about any others who have done this journey so thoroughly as them. ... As I could see it, they have also worked to become a bridge of understanding between the west and India ...
   ... get the chance to make use of this bridge, to follow them to India ... They both are really a unique link between the west and the east, and have a rare knowledge and experience. To say it in a few words: they are wise people, so listen to them.
   Go to Rajasthan, see this India of Jyoti and Nashi ... admire the beautiful attires ... enjoy the bright colours ... speak with Jyoti and Nashi while you drink a warm chai [spicy Indian tea] and see the sun, set over the steppe... and grow, grow anew. You will not regret it, I promise.

Sara Hansson [journalist from Sweden] Nov 2001
(free translation)


All together: Florencia, Brian, Jyoti, Nashi and Francisco [Francisco da Silveira Teixeira] Along with two other dear friends of mine from San Francisco (California) [Brian and Florencia], we spent a total of five full days with Jyoti and Nashi travelling through some very genuine and unfiltered parts of rural Rajasthan. In visiting different people we were able to witness some TRULY AMAZING elements of traditional Rajasthani culture, such as the grinding of dal [lentils] [on hand-grinding stone], taking the heard of camels out to feed, drinking fresh camels milk, ... just to name A FEW of the MANY heartfelt experiences we had. ...

In the jeep towards a village  

Visiting the Raika/Rabari in Godwar. With them in the countryside with the camels and around the fireplace in their home.

See: Video from the visit (filmed by F.Aleman and B.Goggin – edited by Org.Marustali)  

Brian Goggin out with the camels

[Brian Goggin]... They [Jyoti and Nashi] created an intricate bridge between cultures serving as informed guides to custom, tradition, craft, history, and local etiquette while also inviting us into a friendly network of communities. Nashi has a natural charm she spreads generously as she leads, her attention to the details of etiquette and harmony within the group helped us stay in balance with the environment and people. ...

Brian Goggin is a renowned site-specific sculptures and installations artist. He came to Rajasthan in a quest for its soul following his project 'Labyrinth' for Yahoo! which consists of seven portals cast from seven unique cultures in the world, where one is from Rajasthan.

Jyoti and Nashi interviewed by Brian Goggin Jyoti and Nashi, having passed through a real 'cultural door' (that one of India), were asked by Brian in an interview for the Labyrinth project, to describe how they now work also themselves as a doorway between the two cultures of west and east.

Florencia with Raika/Rabari women in the village Biroliya

[Florencia Aleman] Regarding my trip to Rajasthan, I cannot say enough great things about it. And in the most part I owe this experience to Nashi and Jyoti. Both of them where incredible people to travel with. ... introduced us to interesting people and was always explaining to us the meaning of their different traditions, which provided us with a better understanding and therefore appreciation of the local customs. They took care of us and our needs and made us feel comfortable at all times. There were moments when according to the tradition, men and women were separate and we also did, which was a great way for me of entering in the 'woman's life'.

Photo gallery with Florencia's photos Florencia is working in San Francisco as photographer, appreciated for her portraiting artists and their work. With the different photos from her journey in the villages of Rajasthan, she had a successful exibition in San Franscisco. Lately she has also started to work as a cultural link to her country of origin: Argentina.

See: Florencia's photos  
Photo gallery with Florencia's photos

Raika/Rabari girl in Godwar – Photo by Francisco[Francisco] ... their fluency and ease of communication in Hindi as well as local dialects was the highest of assets. Aside from facilitating practical needs of accommodation, it gave us the priceless gift of providing a doorway through which we could establish a discourse and communicate our feelings and experiences with all these people whom we were so fortunate to be meeting and spending time with. That gift alone was priceless!!!!!

Photo gallery with Francisco's photosOne of the main interests of Francisco is photography. Photos he made during his days with Jyoti and Nashi in Rajasthan were exhibited in San Francisco on his return.

See: Francisco's photos  
Photo gallery with Francisco's photos

[San Francisco, Calif. - U.S.A.]   Jan 2002

For someone who is really interested in the culture

Nashi and Silke on the way up to the hill temple of Nand It is almost impossible as a foreigner to really get in touch with village people especially with the women. They hardly ever speak English and besides the language barrier the cultural barriers keep them from opening up towards foreigners. The day I spend with Nashi in Nand [together with another German girl: Selma Baldursson] was the only real contact to Indian women outside the tourist areas and the westernised cities like Delhi or Mumbai [Bombay].
   Because Nashi has the women's trust and gets treated like one of them she can bring "friends" to the village and they get treated with extreme hospitality and interest. Only in this constellation with Nashi's translations and explanations it was possible for both sides to ask about each others lives.
   We visited two houses - one of a Rajput woman who invited us spontaneously and showed us her house and offered us tea and food in her kitchen and one of a family of the cow shepherds cast [Gurjar] in which we talked to the women and got a glimpse of the daily routine of housekeeping. All this would never happen to a woman, man or couple travelling this village by themselves.
   On the way up to the temple Nashi could answer thousands of questions about the cast system, the traditions in ancient and nowadays Rajasthan, about the relation between man and women, about the religion and the political problems of the country. I think for someone who is really interested in the culture of Rajasthan away from the usual maharaja guide-book anecdotes a day together with Nashi and Jyoti is a great step forward to understanding some parts of the Indian culture.

Silke Lauffs [Germany]   Dec 2002

Nand: photo by Silke Lauffs Silke Lauffs – a well-known professional art-photographer, wanting to reach the countryside and be able to do some work but also to get a contact with village life, she turned to Jyoti and Nashi for guiding.

Incredible interesting and instructive

Gunilla with the baroness and other Rajput ladies at Bagotgarh: the palace in the village Bagot - Nagaur Thank you Nashi for the 10 days full of experiences I spent with you. I have experienced everything from small villages on the countryside to Rajput palaces. To meet so many different people, and especially to meet the women, from diverse casts and class in society, have been incredible interesting and instructive. The insight I have got in people's lives, would not have been possible to get without your contacts and enormous knowledge.
   Just to sit together with these women and share their everyday life and hear their stories, has been a fantastic experience. One of the heights was also our day-and-night visit on the Lok Jumbish boarding school for village girls that never had been to school before. I got good knowledge about the educational methods and also experienced the conflict between the town, represented by the well-educated teachers, and the rural areas from where the girls come from.
   After these days I have got a deeper understanding for how people actually live here and how they are thinking. I have a lot to bring home...
   Thank you Nashi

Gunilla Petterson [Sweden]   Jan 2004
(free translation)

They are a "key" to access a distant world

Donatella at the Pushkar Camel Fair [Extract from article appeared at 01/2006]

... We have given to stitch a long tucked black seven meters wide skirt and bought a veil, Nashi explains me that all the meters are needed for the wideness and she make me try many times to sit correctly squatting down ...
   I am clumsy and hampered in the movement, but my efforts are appreciated.
   So, after the first round in the valley to meet the camel shepherds Raika/Rabari, we sit down under the tent with Harji Ram and his wife Soti who came back to the fair after 22 years and she tell us how she finds it different, less animals.. She is worried about it. ...

   We have decided to go to the village Nand, which is around half an hour by road from Pushkar. It doesn’t take much to meet with the rural India, that one that looks like to be part of Middle Ages. Houses of mud and cow dung, simple and neat with an inner courtyard, the children and animals, especially goats, live together.
   I am fascinated …They offer me food, there is fresh-hot bread and a cauliflower stew. ... They offer me water to drink, I refuse it since that is the only and unique precaution I adopt when I travel, so I think that maybe, "for respect", it is better not to misuse the water washing the hands with the water given to drink. I thank her. She then, goes to Nashi and tells her that I did eat but then I didn’t wash my hands!!!! It is a misunderstanding, and she thinks that I am not a very clean person, but Nashi explains her what was my intention so she smiles sweetly at me.
   I tell this small episode because it is very important to have someone who helps you to enter in a different world. … Jyoti and Nashi love this people, and it is returned because they have fully accepted the way of life here. They are a "key" to access a distant world that lies just a few km far from Pushkar where many tourists arrive but then stop …and they don’t go further.
   I have still inside me the voice of the valley which says there is Jyoti…Jyoti and Nashi have come… the voice of the valley run on the sand…

Donatella Scalabrino [Italy]   Nov 2005
(free translation)

A fantastic opportunity

Linda and Kamla Bai Gurjar My desire was to learn about textile tradition .. spend some time with Marustali and try to help with the documentation .. to be with Jyoti and Nashi with so much knowledge and experience was a fantastic opportunity. … I felt lucky to be able to experience so many things on such a short time here. …
   After Pushkar training days I came to the villages. .. I could see how easy Jyoti and Nashi moved in the villages. They have together built up a strength and respect but also a fantastic way to adjust, understand and becoming a part of the rural Indian society without being judgmental or trying to interfere or change the way of life of the villagers. On the contrary, I noticed how they are trying to make the families appreciate and keep their culture alive.
   … you could feel the cooperation between Nashi and Jyoti, which they have developed by their long being together and sharing experiences. …
   With Jyoti and Nashi I am part of a household which isn’t different from any other Indian one .. It took me a big effort to overcome my ego and not wanting things to quick, but I realized I can’t expect to do things easy which have taken Jyoti and Nashi several years to learn and understand, so I tried to keep open to all the things I saw and learnt, as Jyoti told me. …
   Nashi has a great contact with the women in the villages .. I see how the project works and it is this connections and meetings I document. …
   The days pass quickly because we don’t work by the clock. …
   I am truly shocked by how little there is left of the old textiles and traditional crafts to document.

Linda Sjunnesson [Sweden]  Volunteer at Project Marustali  Dec 2008

Groups with tour operators

Women Tour

Meeting between women Created and planned by Nashi and Jyoti for cooperation with Tour Operators, 'Women-tour -to Rajasthan' offers the opportunity to meet Indian women of various class, caste and conditions, and thanks to the special guiding offered by Nashi, get a close and personal contact with them as well as with their environment and society.

Read: Day-to-day program - in English (tour 2011)  

'Women Tour to Rajasthan'

This tour is taking the travellers to the innermost of the Indian culture and life. It follows the Indian society from tradition to development, meeting rural women of farmer and shepherd families in Rajasthan, via middleclass house wives in small towns, ending up meeting modern well-educated women in Jaipur and Delhi. During this journey issues like women's role in education, politics, healthcare and judicial system, are also discussed and meetings arranged with women concerned with this questions.

The day-to-day program

Day 1 | Departure from Sweden.

Day 2 | Arrival with the flight to Delhi in the morning. We travel by own coach (c. 4 hrs) to the Sariska wildlife Sanctuary where we relax in the lovely athmosphere of Sariska Palace, an old hunting lodge of the Maharajas converted into hotel.

Day 3 | In the morning we take a tour with jeep in the wilderness to spot the big variety of birds and antelopes. There are also leopards in the sanctuary, they are very shy and we have to have very much luck to see them, but maybe it happens.
After we head off to the small town of Roopangarh (c. 6 h), arrival in evening.

Day 4 | In the morning we get an introduction to Indian history and after lunch we experience the life of the genuine Roopangarh bazaars by foot. Roopangarh is a typical rural small town. There are still very few foreign tourists coming here.
Afterwards we continue the journey, on small countryside roads, to Pushkar. (c. 2 h).

Night's stay at Hotel Ratan Haveli.

Pushkar is one of the most holy places in India and pilgrims arrive continuously for ritual dips in the lake. According to the Hindu creation myth, the god Brahma consacrated the creation at this particular place and this small town has more than 400 temples!

During our days in Pushkar and surroundings we will spend the time meeting women from various conditions, castes and religions.

Day 5 | Our visit to Pushkar starts with an introduction to Hinduism and people's religiosity and we visit the only Brahma-temple in the world. We walk through the lanes and visit also cloth shops; to show respect and be able to come closer to people in the villages following days, it is important to be properly dressed. Clothes are very cheap in India and they also become a nice souvenir to bring home.

Day 6-8 | By camel carts we travel through the villages in the beautiful Pushkar valley and get an insight in women's life in the rural areas. Over 70 % of the Indian population lives in the countryside. It is fascinating to see how much the old traditions shape the villages, their population and women's life. Even if we will notice many differences between the women we meet and us, we will also find many similarities.

Nashi is living in the villages of Rajasthan since many years and gives us a fantastic possibility to close contacts and an 'inside experience', otherwise impossible to reach for a visitor.

During these days we sleep in traditional tents and have assistants preparing our food. At late evening of the last day we return to Pushkar and Ratan Haveli.

Day 9 | All day free. The Indian food with its fragrant spices often becomes a passion. In the afternoon there is the possibility to join a cooking lesson led by a woman from the town, in her own house. (To be booked and paid in India).

Day 10 | India has choosen to quote women into the village councils to create a more equal political structure. In a nearby small town we will meet some of the women working in a village council, to share their personal experience of this situation.

This meeting takes us to a genuine country town where normally, tourists never reach. In the lanes and in the bazaars we see carpenters, shoemakers, dyers and other craftsmen working. The colourful street life is impressing!

Day 11 | We go by our coach to Kishangarh (c. 1 h). Here we visit the government organization Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, that works to increase literacy, particularly among girls. In the afternoon we visit the Barefoot Collage, a project founded by locals to empower village women through teaching reading and writing as well as building solar panels and transistor radios.

Night's stay at hotel in Kishangarh.

Day 12-14 | Our own coach takes us to Jaipur (c. 3 h), the capital of Rajasthan called "The Pink City". We visit the famous sights like 'Palace of Winds', 'Jantar Mantar' antic observatory, and the bazaars.

We will meet some of the well-educated professionally working women of this big town, and get an idea how their work and everyday life looks like. We will see big contrasts between tradition and development.

Day 14 is free to explore Jaipur or take the opportunity to have a yoga-lesson or an Ayurveda treatment.

Night's stay at Hotel Jai Niwas.

Day 15 | We take the morning train to Agra (c. 5 hrs) and during the afternoon we visit Taj Mahal and we have plenty of time to enjoy this extraordinary monument.

Night's stay at Hotel Amar
Day 16 | We take the morning train to Delhi (c. 3 hrs). Free afternoon. In the evening we meet a woman who is lawyer, she tell us about the Indian women's juridical situation and how the government and NGOs work for more equality at juridical level.

Night's stay at Hotel Metro Heights

Day 17 | Sightseeing in Delhi by bus, we see Red Fort, India Gate, the Presidential Palace and more. We also get a lesson in India's freedom struggle and visit the former prime minister house of Indira Gandhi, which is now converted into a memorial museum. Afternoon is free. There is much opportunity for shopping in Delhi.

Day 18 | Flight from Delhi in the morning. Arrival in Sweden in evening.

Next tour: November 2011
with Gränslösa Resor
Official sponsor of Marustali
For information:
Gränslösa Resor -
Read: Gränslösa Resor - Official sponsor of Project Marustali  

Gränslösa Resor -

Gränslösa Resor (Journeys Beyond Borders) is a tour operator focusing on giving travellers new perspectives and deeper visions of the world.

We collaborate with and sponsor Project Marustali, and Jyoti and Nashi are arranging and leading our tours to India. Travellers on previous tours have deeply appreciated their organizing skills, superb leadership and translating ability and many of the travellers have recognized them as true ambassadors for India and expressed how fortunate and privileged they have been to experience this.

Stockholm 19 May 2004

[Karin Lundbäck] ... a fantastic tour and a unique insight into Rajasthan. The meetings with the women are unforgettable and all future travelling will have very difficult to match this experience.

[Lena Vegger] ... Without Nashi we would never had experienced all what we did. She is incredibly competent and it is so pleasant listening when she speaks.

[Nine-Christine Erndstdotter] ... a fantastic intermediary, the best guide I have experienced. ...

[Eva Westrin] Now I cannot travel with any other guide anymore! You have had a fantastic ability to catch me in what you tell. The way you have shown Rajasthan and the people here has been fantastic. ...

[Margareta Lind-Gustafsson] I have got conceptions questioned and prejudices punctured. I have gone from being an onlooker to being emotionally involved in this noisy, charming India.

[Helena Karlsson] Her contact with all these completely different women is outstanding and I suppose not many 'Nashis' are found around the world. ...

[Karin Karlsson] ... Her personal interest and engagement, organizing ability and competence is something rare. I hope more people can meet India through her. She is really an ambassador for the country! ...

[Maria Bodö] ... I am incredibly impressed by her knowledge and her ability to mediate her wisdom to others. ... Her professionalism, kindness and humbleness have also made me very impressed, like of course all the interesting meetings that we could be a part of. ...

[Karin Svennem] It has been an unforgettable trip. Never before have I come so close a country, and at the same time getting so much knowledge. Nashi's leadership has just been super! Everything practical has worked perfect. ...

Karin Svennem and a village woman Karin Svennem, journalist at the Swedish National Radio has been producing programs like 'Equal terms' and 'Gender', focusing on gender equality issues around the world. To collect material to a reportage from India, she joined Nashi's Women Tour.
The reportage was broadcasted on the 29th June 2005 and repeated on 12th July 2006.

Listen: The Radio reportage (in Swedish)  
Swedish National Radio channel P1    


[Tua Raninnen] ... All of us were equally overwhelmed by what we could experience in these days, it felt like if in only fifteen days we experienced more than a normal tourist would do in fifteen years. This was thanks to our tour leader Elin Bolmgren (Nashi), who is a bridge between two such different cultures.
   She had carefully planned the route, night stays and meetings with people in a way that made us constantly astonished. Having had her as tour leader and guide was a priceless gift I am very thankful for. It has been a happy trip that will remain as a part of myself.

Tua Raninnen with Nashi and Lok Jumbish officials Tua Raninnen is a journalist at the Finnish daily newspaper Hufvudstadsbaldet. She made a double-page article about the Women-tour and about Nashi, which was published on January 11th 2004.

See: The article pages  

[Pirkko Hellsten] Everything we have seen and experienced has touched me deeply. ... The program is well planned and the order to start in the countryside feels very right. ... we had the possibility to come so near the people in the villages.
   Nashi is UNIQUE with all her knowledge, serenity and patience in the tough work she has done, and as an example that life can be lived in many different ways. She is very competent as translator both for the language and the culture. ...

[Marianne Persson-Söderlind] ... I have got a deep understanding about Indians and Indian culture, which is useful for me in my onward work [head of the international section at the Swedish Royal Technical Institute]. The Women group has also been a positive experience. I would like to travel more in women tours. The fact that the trip has been so successful is thanks to Nashi. She has meritoriously putted theory and practice in layers, as well as history and present times, through telling us, showing us and making sure we could also try, taste, see, and listen by our selves. I cannot figure out anything remaining to do. She has been fantastic with all of us!

[Nathalie Aldana] The end of the camel safari was majestic, I am thinking about the landscape, the sunset ... the campfire ...

... Jyoti suddenly appeared from nowhere out there in the desert, smiling, in his traditional outfit, talking English in the most unique Indian-Italian accent! Nashi had told us ... enough to leave me with thousands of more questions that I now got the privilege to ask Jyoti directly.
   It was very interesting to get Jyotis male perspective on some of the cultural topics ... which I found extremely valuable, to get a more "holistic" view ... I also had the chance to get a glimpse of his thoughts concerning the universe, reincarnation and other more spiritual and existential questions that the Rajasthan environment had woken up in my mind.
   ... I got inspired to never again take any decision in my life that is not linked to the inner truth of both my mind and soul. ... this trip became so much more than I had ever expected. It was the "kick-off" of a lifetime journey.

From Nathalie's photo album
Introductive lesson In caravan Meeting Jyoti Bye bye from the first village

[Ewa Fredenborg] I think we all leave India a little wiser and a little more humble than we were when we came. It has been a fantastic experience from the beginning to the end. I have imbibed every single moment and will have pleasure of it for the rest of my life. Nashi you are a pearl!

Women Tours [Sweden]
2003:I – 2003:II – 2003:III – 2004 – 2005 – 2006 – 2007 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010 – 2011

(free translation)

Other groups with tour operators

Camel Tour In their tour 'Western India', the Swedish tour operator Läs och Res was glad to include a special 5 days of leading and guiding by Nashi, taking the group around by camel carts and offering a deep immersion into rural life of Rajasthan.


[Bengt Hildebrand] Thanks a lot for professional guiding ...

[Eva Björling] ... without you [Nashi] we would never have got the contact with the village people, seen how the families actually are living, understood what we saw. You are very generous sharing what is your life, you are humble and receive our questions with a great patience. Thanks!

[Amanda Meimermondt] ... you have really replies to every question!

[Elin Andolf] You are the most fantastic person I ever met! We would never have experienced so much these days if you wouldn't had shared so much of your knowledge and experiences. You are great!

[Kerstin Truedsson] Nashi, you really made me interested in India and its culture. You have so much knowledge and are so humble to everybody. To listen to you have been fantastic. ...

[Ann-Katrine Meimermondt] ... Everything was not so simple but we managed thanks to your knowledge and interest in teaching us to behave correctly.

[Alessandra Drakenklo] ... it is difficult to find words! I just want to say that I got a new view of the women in India but especially I got a new view on travelling.

[Frida & Anders Brännström-Ohlson] Dear Nashi ... all the time since the days out with the camel carts that slowly waggled through the small villages outside Pushkar, it has been difficult to leave the thoughts about the life in the villages, your choice of living, your relation with the people in the villages and the traditional life.
   Earlier we had thoughts about going to India for some kind of volunteer work, to do some good as well as to get a deeper insight in the Indian culture. Since we met you we have started to reconsider a lot of things; to really support the possibility to save the cultural characteristics (and sustain the social standard that the traditional life offers) probably one have to be like you, the one who adjust and the one who have the questions - not the opposite.
   The thoughts remains of going back making a deep dive into India (maybe even stronger) but formulated differently, thanks to you!

Läs och Res Tour [Sweden]    2003:I – 2003:II – 2004
(free translation)



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